HBFD responds to serious crash with entrapment on Montauk Highway
By Member Alex Smith
February 9, 2022

(2/9/2022) 11:38pm the HBFD responded to an MVA with two people trapped in a vehicle on E.Montauk Hwy. The vehicle had struck a utility pole, multiple boat trailers, and boats before coming to rest wedged on its side under another boat. Rescue crews from 7-5-2 and 7-5-4 using rescue struts stabilized the vehicle so the roof and doors could be safely removed to allow patient access and removal. Fire police secured both directions of travel due to the extent of the damage. Safety #1/3 kept members safe in this large area operation.
Responding Units:
Command: 7-5-30/31/32/33
Rescue: 7-5-2 & 7-5-4
Fire police:7-5-10 & 7-5-11
Safety officers 1 & 3